Gumaoc Church of Christ Hosted the First North Area 1 Womens Fellowship

November 16, 2008 is another milestone for the Gumaoc Brethren.  It was the day the first North Area 1 cluster Women Fellowship was held.  A history that will enter to the book of Church of Christ at Gumaoc.  I remember during the meeting at Pangarap Church of Christ that Ptr. Doods (Gumaoc Church of Christ hardworking Pastor) suggested to the women of Gumaoc to take the opportunity to host the first Women Fellowship.  As always, Ptr. Doods has the right inkling of what is best for Gumaoc Church of Christ.

That first fellowship will be a model for the next fellowship.  It will be the starting point from here on.  Local church that will host the next fellowship has a model to look into.  They will surely try to improve what had been done at Gumaoc and they must.  It is always God desire that Christians should learn from the first, that we should not be stagnant, that we should keep on moving forward.  Now the task is at Francisco Homes Church of Christ (Host of the second Fellowship on January 2009).

We will always remember that moment where the Elders and Deacons hand in hand prepared, served the food and assisted the women of Gumaoc.  It is a something to cherish, something worth copying.  As Ptr. Doods mentioned, it is the time to show that Elders support the women of the Church, and that even we are used of seeing the women of the Church supporting the Elders, there are times that it is proper for the Elders to take the back seat and support the Women of the Church as what happened in this fellowship.

Even our Ptr. took the back seat and became for a moment the official photographer.  He moves swiftly from the front to the back and to the registration boot, capturing the moment of every events. I’m sure those pictures will be very important in the next years to come.

Our Deacons (Bros. Ronald and Louie), I discovered are good cook. Bro. Jerson, another Deacon,  I realized can be a waiter in his own right preparing and serving juice. Bro. Fred and Bro. Rolly are at there best  in assisting our cook and in serving the food.

The children were also a big help, in one fleeting moment, I have observed that with proper training and right model that children can be very effective.  Ptr. Doods was right, these kids with proper guidance will grow and mature as model Christians.

The youth took the chance to decorate, what an efficiency to behold.  They also have fellowship to be done at Pangarap Church of Christ but before going there, in unison the youth finished the decoration of the Church.

I had been amazed by the strong unity and cooperation of Gumaoc brethren, but I continue to feel that every time we have an activity, this fellowship is again a display of strong unity, bonding and fellowship for the women of Gumaoc.  With Sis Glo (DORCAS Chairwoman), Sis Emma, Sis Vilma, Sis Cherry, Sis Peachy, Nanay Merlyn, every body, they displayed something worth remembering in a fellowship, that is togetherness…

Brethren from the local Churches came even before the 2:00 pm date time.  Once again, the women of every local Churches proved that when it comes to activity for the Lord, they moved in unison.  Pangarap was the first one to arrived, followed by Tala.  Then everybody come in cluster, Villanova, ALMAR, Francisco and Palmera.  They extend greetings and rendered special number.  They were very active in “Getting to know you” portion.  Seeing them communicating with each other, smiling, embracing and showing the feeling of oneness will give you a strong proof of the  beauty of being a Christian.

ROCK Mission Pastors  were also there to support (Ptr. Doods of the Host Church, Ptr. Ariel of Pangarap, Ptr. Ijit  and Bro. Benny of Villanova, Ptr. Fred of Francisco Homes and Ptr. Angie of Palmera).  Ptr. Ijit (Chairman of ROCK MISSION) took the opportunity to explain the ROCK MIssion mandate and promote the December 13, 2008 “Grand Fellowship.”

First Women Rock Mission Fellowship was a huge success. We praise and thank God for this wonderful work and blessings!

Sis Glo Urriza (Gumaoc DORCAS Chairwoman) introducing Gumaoc Church of Christ Women's Choir

Sis Glo Urriza (Gumaoc DORCAS Chairwoman) introducing Gumaoc Church of Christ Women Choir

Gumaoc Church of Christ Women's Choir

Gumaoc Church of Christ Women Choir

Tala Church of Christ members rendering their Special Number

Tala Church of Christ members rendering their Special Number

Getting to know you portion of the "First Kababaihan ROCK Mission Fellowship"

Getting to know you portion of the"First Kababaihan ROCK Mission Fellowship"


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