November 9, 2008: A Day to Remember

November 9, 2008 is a day to remember for the Brethren of Gumaoc.  God extended His arms  and blessed Gumaoc Church of Christ.  A wonderful day and a  wonderful event.  Early in the morning everybody is busy from the Pastor and all the members of the Church participated in a worthy event, Gumaoc 22nd anniversary.  Ptr. Doods and other brethren have arranged everything even before the anniversary, but God is so good that He always prepares something to do for the Christians, so they will never be stagnant.  From the opening prayer, opening song, praise and worship songs and the message, everything is in harmony with God’s plan.  I believe that Nov. 9 is a wonderful day for God.  Brethren have anticipated this event long before during the preparation.  Except for minor lapses, which can be corrected in the future and a learning process for us, we sang praises to God that He gave us the chance to be a part of this worthy celebration.  Visitors came and celebrate with us. I could not imagine that our small building can fit more than 200 warm bodies inside.  Every Sunday, as I attend our worship service, I thought that 100 people is too much for our small church building, but that day (November 9) God is so mighty that 200 bodies were even less to fill the Church.

I believe that day, the congregation was able to experienced the true worship. God is so good that from the kids, youth, men’s number, the context of the message were transferred and translated to one soul.  The message focusing on “Get Connected, to God…family and community” delivered by our Pastor imparts inner peace, joy and assurance that we are rightfully connected to one thrue God.  Being part of the congregation and  hearing the message gave us a realization that we are connected to God and we need always maintain our connection with our family and at the same time, do our best to connect with the community. We learned, accepted and we conclude that we should continue to obey the words of God.  All the activities resulted in one ultimate goal, soul conversion and acceptance of God.  One soul (Sis Zoraida Liban) accepted God as her King and Savior. we are  sure,  all the angels in heaven are singing  praises to God for this wonderful work.

Music ministers are at their best elements.  Bro. Ronald (Song Leader) as always is so energetic.  The back ups singers were also at their best.  God is so good. The songs ” Ating Paninindigan, Still… and all other songs lifted our praises to Almighty God.  I’m sure for a long time the melody will remain… I wish we could have add one song “The Heart of Worship”, I had suggested that before, but maybe…

From our earlier estimates, we will probably total more or less 150 person during the anniversary.  So, we prepared  enough food for that number.  God brought a lot of visitors, but He also provided us enough food to share.  The food for the 150 was able to feed more than 200 hungry bodies.  I could attest to that because my wife (Sis Glo), our Pastor (Ptr. Doods Agravante) and one of our elder (Bro. Fred) were the last one to eat.

From the opening prayer, song of praise and worship, special numbers, message… we will always thank God He made us a believer and part of His body at Gumaoc Church of Christ.  His works that day (November 8, 2008) will always be part of us…

and we thank God that He provided us a good leader…our Pastor.


Gumaoc Church of Christ Choir 08

Gumaoc Church of Christ Choir 08

Sis Zoraida accepted God as King and Savior

Sis Zoraida accepted God as King and Savior

Kids Special Number during the Church of Christ 22nd Anniversary

Kids Special Number during the Church of Christ 22nd Anniversary

Gumaoc Church of Christ Men's Choir singing "Ang Misyonero" during the 22nd Church Anniversary last November 9, 2008.

Gumaoc Church of Christ Men's Choir


One Response to November 9, 2008: A Day to Remember

  1. Bro. Peter says:

    Bro. pakisingit yung picture nung kinakanta natin yung misyonero. God Bless..

    Bro. Peter

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