Effective Partnership in the Ministry

Last October 12, 2008, ROCK Mission conducted a fellowship at the Tala Church of Christ. This is a monthly activity for the ROCK Mission. Brethren at the Tala Church of Christ prepared a wonderful number of songs and dance properly choreographed.  During the said fellowship, Ptr. Fred (Francisco Homes Church of Christ) provided a message for everybody.  This is the summary  of the Ptr. Fred message:

Effective Partnership in the Ministry

As an introduction, Ptr. Fred cited the preparedness of the Brethren of the Tala Church of Christ i.e. welcome Banner and good Choir Presentation (song of praise and dance presentations).  Then he presented the following:

  1. Manifestation of effective partnerships
    • In the Bible,  Jesus with the Apostles
    • In the present church, Pastor with Elders, and
    • Among faithful servants
  2. Importance of Partnership
    • Removes jealousy (I Cor 12:14-16)
      • All are part of the ministry and good partnership removes envy/covetousness
    • Removes competition (I Cor. 12: 17-18)
      • No competition between Elder vs Pastor; or among brethren because they are different from each other. The gift from God given to everyone are very different; each gift God provided can be used in serving the church
    • Removes condemnation of weaknesses of other faithful (I Cor. 12:21)
    • Removes partisanship to each other instead promote equity
  3. How to have effective partnership with other faithful?
    • We should have one purpose/objective (Eph 4:10-12)
    • Have one spirit (Eph 4: 4)
    • Have one direction (Eph 4:4)
    • Have one basis of ministry (the Bible)
  4. Obstacle to effective partnership in the ministry
    • Wrong motives
    • Seeking personal greatness
    • Different spirit
    • No connection/communication/cooperation among leaders
    • Competition among members
  5. Finally, there is a need for partnership if we want to continue God’s work.  We must remember that God called us in the ministry showing the model of unity through partnership


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