Gumaoc Church of Christ Mission/Vision

by Bro. Gani Urriza

On November 9, 2008, Gumaoc Church of Christ will celebrate  it’s 22nd Anniversary commemorating the time that the Gospel of the Lord reached this part of the world.  Ptr. Doods Agravante will lead the celebration highlighting series of activities which include among others: Fellowship through Prayers (Nov. 7); Community Service and Fellowship among brethren (Nov. 8 ) and Anniversary proper (Nov. 9).  During the anniversary celebration, Church History (by Bro. Rolly Bulalacao – Church Elder), Church Accomplishment for the Year 2008 (by Bro. Gani Urriza – Chairman of the Board) and Future Plans (Ptr. Doods Agravante) will be presented.  Ptr. Doods for his part will once again present the Church Mission/Vision to continuously reminds the brethren.

Ptr. Doods believes and strongly advocate that “Without vision, People perish”.  From the time Ptr Doods stepped at the door of Gumaoc Church of Christ, he has always been trying to encourage the brethren to pursue the Church Vision.

And today, as we prepare to celebrate the 22nd Anniversary of the Church of Christ at Gumaoc, it is my desire that everybody should be reminded of the Church  Mission/Vision which says:


The Gumaoc Church of Christ will be a growing community Church dedicated and committed in spreading and sharing the Gospel; empowering and equipping every believer to be productive and highly dynamic in the ministry; promoting a strong bond of marriage and close family relationships and a warm Christian fellowship.

Gumaoc Church of Christ Brethren


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