First Kababaihan North Area 1 Fellowship

by Bro. Gani Urriza

Last October 19, 2008, Kababaihan of North Area 1 had their first meeting from 2:00 pm until 5:oo pm at Pangarap Church of Christ.  The said meeting was initiated and facilitated by ROCK Mission leaders headed by Chairman Ptr. Jerecho “Ijit” Dans.  The meeting happened because each leader strongly believes that there is a need for the women brethren to strengthen their role in the local church, together help in evangelism work, and extend the services of the ROCK Mission.  During the meeting attended by women from the different local Churches (Gumaoc, Pangarap, Palmera, Almar, Villanova, and Tala), they agreed on the following:

  • Women’s group will have a fellowship every third Sunday of the month; at 2:00 pm, Christian women time.
  •  First fellowship will happen on November 16, 2008 at Gumaoc Church of Christ.
  • The host church will prepare the program and will shoulder the expenses during the  fellowship. 
  • There will be no fellowship on December since there will be Grand Fellowship among the 11 local churches.

Brethren of Gumaoc Church of Christ are busy preparing for the coming 22nd Anniversary.  Everybody is looking forward for the momentous occasion.  The preparation shifted to high gear during the last two weeks more so when they learned that the “First KABABAIHAN FELLOWSHIP” of the North Area 1 will happen at Gumaoc Church of Christ as part of the post Anniversary Celebration.  Everybody is excited knowing that it is a history in the making “The First” in North Area 1.

As early, Gumaoc Kababaihan through the leadership of Sis. Glo Urriza (DORCAS Chairman); Sis. Emma (hardworking Secretary), Sis. Vilma (Acting Auditor), Sis. Cherry (Vice Chairman) and all others are in consultation working for the activities to be in-placed during the Fellowship.  Among the activities in line are: getting to-know you; singing; games;  planning and more.

DORCAS from Gumaoc Church of Christ attending the CWMM Fellowship at Cruzada Church of Christ (Quipo, Manila)

DORCAS from Gumaoc Church of Christ attending the CWMM Fellowship at Cruzada Church of Christ (Quipo, Manila)

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