Habits for Spiritual Growth

Habits for Spiritual Growth

Prepared by Ptr. Doods Agravante

Habits are stepping stones which ensures that we eventually meet our goals.  Habits are things done on a frequent basis (daily, weekly, etc.,) that slowly produce a certain effect.  Unless we study good habits, bad habits will set in that hinder our spiritual growth.

  1. Behavioral habits
    1. Assembling together with the Church (If we are to reach our functional goals, it will be within the framework of the local church.  we learn what functions are needed in the body of Christ (Rom. 12:3-8).
    2. Participation in the work of the Church
      1. Such as the habit of participation in the assemblies of the Church, teaching classes, preaching, Bible reading, leading, singing, ushering, counting attendance, serving the Lord’s supper, reading Scripture, serving as ushers, announcement and extending the invitation.
      2. Habits of providing other services needed in the church, greeting visitors, ministering the sick, encouraging the weak, teaching the gospel to the lost, cleaning the building, providing maintenance for the building and grounds, preparing the Lord’s Supper.
  2. Congregational Habits
    1. defining roles that are available.
      1. Participation in functional roles is more likely when members are aware of what needs to be done.  A congregation can encourage spiritual growth by clearly defining what functional roles are available for service.
    2. Providing opportunities to learn and serve.
      1. Opportunities to learn serve should be provided (2Tim 2:2).
      2. Make sure that all who wish to serve are given equal opportunities.
    3. Encouraging participation in service
      1. A congregation should also be in the habit of encouraging spiritual growth.
      2. One good habit is to let the inexperienced gain experience.  A congregation should have the habit of encouraging participation, even if it means utilizing those who are inexperienced, nervous or awkward.

Remember, goals are obtained whenever good habits are established.


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