Gumaoc Church of Christ Celebrates 22nd Anniversary

Gumaoc Church of Christ Celebrates 22nd Anniversary

by Bro. Gani Urriza

On November 9, 2008, Gumaoc Church of Christ (SanJose Del Monte City, Bulacan) will celebrate its 22nd Anniversary.  Brethren in the locality will once again commemorate the time that Gumaoc local Church was established.  The anniversary should not be mistaken with the founding of the Church of Christ which happened in the day of Pentecost in Jerusalem after Jesus has risen from the dead (Acts 2:1). That very day 3ooo souls were saved.  From that time the word of God (the good news) through the work of the Apostle and mighty blessings of God spread in the whole world and reached the Philippines in 1901.

Gumaoc Church of Christ local leadership designed series of activities which will be highlighted by Fellowship through Prayer on November 7 (Friday), Community Service (8 November) and Worship Service (November 9).

Ptr. Doods Agravante will lead the celebration and will continue to promote Church Vision.


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