The Pattern in Christian Giving

The Pattern in christian Giving

Prepared by

Ptr. Doods Agravante

     In this lesson you will learn how to grow in christ through the sharing of your life and possessions.  You will discover a number of major truths related to god design for christian giving.

  1. The pattern in christian giving (2 cor 8:1-4, 8-9). 
    1. They were able to give lovingly and liberally due to a greater precedence. 
    2. They discover that truth that in giving, what matters is the sincerity of the heart. 
    3. Jesus was our supreme pattern in giving.
  2. The Purpose of Christan Giving (I Cor. 8:5-7, 13). 
    1. To give the Lord’s work, is to show the genuiness of our love for God. 
    2. When the believers give, their love deepen and become  better steward of God. 
    3. It is more blessed to give thatn to receive.
  3. The Plan of Christian Giving (I Cor 16:1-4) 
    1. It is our moral responsibility to give regularly on the first day of the week. 
    2. In gratitude, they offer themselves and belongings to God in worship. 
    3. We should learn to respond to God’s love by giving more than the tithes,

     Christian stewardship of possessions is God’s will for his people.  god planned it for the enrichment of our lives and growth of our faith.  It is also God major means of making the gospel reach others.  As the Lord gave unselfishly, let us follow His footsteps and give faithfully and sacrificially.






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