Growth in Knowing Our Functions in the Church

Growth in Knowing Our Functions in the Church

Prepared by: Ptr. Doods Agravante

Christians are one body in Christ.  As one body, we are individually members of one another.  The members do not have the same functions.  We should serve in whatever function God has given us “What is my function in the body of Christ?”  These principles may help one determine what are functions might be in the body of Christ.

I.  Examine the functions

  1. Prophecy (Preaching)  Originally,this reffered to the gift of the spirit by which one was inspired to reveal God’s truth.
  2. Ministry (Serving)  The Greek word diakona means to serve.  It is often use to describe any sort of service.
  3. Teaching (Instructing)  Involve instructing others of the word of God.  There are variations of this functions.
  4. Exhorting (Building Up)  The ability to build up and strengthen others.  Some  may do this publicly.
  5. Giving (Sharing)  Some people find themselves abundantly blessed.  It is within their ability and responsibility to give and bless others (I Tim 6:17-19).
  6. Leading (Shepherding)  This likely refers to the work of elders (pastors, overseers) cf. Acts 20:17, 28.
  7. showing mercy (Loving)  Perhaps this service is best illustrated in Matt. 25:35-36.

II.  Explore the opportunities

  1. Take advantage of learning opportunities – training programs offered in teaching, preaching, & evangelism.
  2. Try serving in all areas open to you – Be willing to try everything you can.  You may have a talent you did not know you had.
  3. Don’t give up after the first few tries – Failures may be due to inexperience, not lack of potential.
  4. explore the opportunities to learn and serve – By attending different training and seminars to be used for the ministry.
  5. Evaluate church ministries and performance – These ministries must directly fulfill the mission/vision of the Church.  review its strategy and performance.  Examine your attitude and performance as team members.
  6. what is your recommendation

The sooner one should be able to discern what their function is in the body of Christ.  Then the challenge becomes one of being diligent in utilizing our function…Brethren, there is much work to do.  Let us be diligent to do it “with the ability God supplies that in all things God may be glorified through Jesus Christ…” I Pet 4:11.


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