Growing Through Service

Growing Through Service

Prepared by Ptr. Doods Agravante

       When our faith is exercised in service, our faith grows; when idle, it degenerates. This is the major theme in Paul’s letter to the Romans. In this lesson, Apostle Paul teaches us some steps a save person must take in order to grow spiritually through Christian service.

Offer yourself to God (Roman 12:1-2)

Service means the sacrifice and dedication of one’s soul, mind, and body to God and man.

It is an all-out consecration of everything we are and have to God that called us according to His purpose.

Discover and use gifts (Roman 12:3-8)

God has a distinct role for us to fulfill. He gives each of us some gifts and abilities to do our task well.

Every gift must be discovered and utilized for God and to His church we served.

Service with the right motives (Roman 12:9-13)

All our serving must proceed from genuine love for god and the brethren.

We must be aware that God is the object of all our efforts. He alone deserves to be adored and served.

Whether our labors are appreciated or not, keep going doing the work of the Lord, for our labor is not in vain.

       God desires that we must serve Him faithfully. In our service, we must be willing to offer ourselves and all that we have. We must open our eyes to opportunities to serve God and others and God keeps us healthy and growing spiritually. Service may appear burdensome at times. But God has designed it for us to keep His children healthy and useful.



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