Growth in Christian Values

Growth in Christian Values

Prepared by

Ptr. Doods Agravante

Values are fundamental in life.  They determine our outlook and behavior.  Every Christian should seek to cultivate godly values in life.  God’s word provides us with principles and guidelines that can help us exercise godly values in life. God’s word provide us principles and guidelines that can help us exercise godly values in any given situation.  This lesson will hlp us understand some of them.

1.  The Value of Trust against Worry (Matt. 6:19 – 320)

a.  Do not worry about your life, look at the birds.

b.  Worry cannot add an inch to any man’s life.

c.  God gave us life; he will provide also to sustain it.

d.  We don’t have to worry; we must learn to trust Him.

2.  The Value of Putting God First in Anything (Matt. 6:33-34)

a.  Seeking God first is the secret of true and lasting happiness.

b.  Putting priority to material thing put us in great danger.

c.  All these things should be added unto you was a promised to those who seek God first, no more no less.

3.  The Value of Positive over Negative Thoughts (Phil. 4:8-9)

a.  You become what you think and what you think is what you get.

b.  The objects on which man allows his mind habitually to dwell determines his acts, career, and his destiny.

With each new day God gives us limitless grace and opportunities with which to fill 24 hours.  Everyone of us are asked by God to choose and build for the future.  Whether or not our lives and opportunities will be spent wisely and productively greatly depends on our values.  Let us learn to use and spend the temporary for our eternal benefit.

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