Bring Success to Your Church

Prepared by:

Ptr. Doods Agravante


Text: Acts 4:32-37


Intro: Why do we Christians give for the Church? We give because it is our duty to do so. The people of God have a direct responsibility to provide for the needs of the Church. We joyfully express our appreciation for the goodness of God by giving.


I. Giving of our Tithes

a. We are under greater obligations to give tithes to Christ. Hebrew 7:1-9

b. It is a scriptural practice-Mal. 3:10, Lk.18:9-12, I Cor. 9:13-14


II. Giving of our offering

a. Must be regular, systematic and proportionate- I Cor. 16:1-2

b. Be generously, freely, wholeheartedly and cheerfully- II Cor. 9:6-7


III. Giving of our pledges- Ecc. 5:1-6

a. It is in the form of financial or in kind support to the specific program of the church- Acts 4:36-37

b. It is a one time commitment (but not limited) until the project is fully done.

c. Pledge must be within your capacity to give

i. Faith Promise- It is a scriptural way of encouraging and challenging the church members to give their share and commitment to the needs (in this case, the annual budget) of the church. It means that thru our faith, we are supposed to commit a percentage of our resources to the financial resources requirement of the church.

ii. It is a total commitment of our tithes and offering

iii. We will fill up a FP form during the launching.


Conclusion: Giving of our tithes, offerings and pledges are the most righteous and reasonable solution of  the whole problem of church finances ever suggested.



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