Breaking Financial Bondages in the Family (II)

(Stewardship of money)

Text : Prov. 21:20-21


I.  Axioms of spending

The more shopping we do, the more we spend

b. The more time we spend looking through the brochures and catalog, the more we spend

c. The more we watch TV, the more we spend


II. When to borrow money (invest in)

a. House and lot

b. Business

c. Education

d. Life insurance and health care


III. Criteria for borrowing – Ps. 37:21

a. It should be limited to appreciating assets that produce an income

b. The value of the asset should equal or exceed the amount borrowed to acquire the item.

c. It should be with your ability to pay


IV.Wise lessons for saving- Prov. 6:8

a. It serves as s custom to meet the cost of unexpected events.

b. It can be accumulated to enable you to purchase big necessities.

c. Begin saving now for your future


Conclusion: If one cannot afford it, it is not the will of God. Faithful steward divides his income among sharing, saving and spending



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