Breaking Finacial Bondages in the Family

(Stewardship of money)

Text : I Tim. 5:8, Prov. 3:9-10


I Basic factors of financial freedom

a. Giving

b. Receiving

c. Managing


II Action, steps to manage your personal finances

a. Get out of debt

b. Save and invest your money

c. Share your income

d. Budget your paycheck


III Get out of debt

Dangerous trap-(Buy now, pay later)

a. Keep out of debt – Rom. 13:8

b. The rich rule the poor, so the borrower is servant to the lender – Prov. 22:7

c. Evil men borrow and cannot pay it back! But the good one, returns what he owes – Psalm 37:21

d. Don’t delay the payment of your debt, don’t say, some other time, if you can pay it now – Prov. 3:27


IV How to beat the debt trap

a. Establish a written budget

b. Make a list of all your asset

c. Make a list of all your debt

d. Establish a payment schedule

e. Apply additional income

f. Accumulate no new debts

g. Be content with what you have

h. Do not give up and do not delay


Conclusion: The ability to control your expenses is better that the ability to earn big income!


For more info and counseling, Please feel free to contact:


Ptr. Doods Agravante

Bgy. East Gumaoc,SJDM City, Bulacan

Cell phone No.09205816568




Bro. Gani Urriza

Cell phone No. 09195265848



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