The Seven Stewardship Laws of Jesus

Text: Matthew 25:14-30


The parable of the talents warns us that our place and service in heaven will depend on the faithfulness of our lives and service here. A talent represents our abilities, time, resources and opportunities to serve God while on earth.


1. The goods entrusted and committed to the servants belonged to the Lord. V.14-15

2. The amount of the goods entrusted to each servant was determined solely by his ability. V. 15

3. Each servant was given full freedom in handling the goods turned over to him. V. 16-18

4. Each servant was called on to give a strict account as to how he had handled his Master’s goods. V. 19-25

5. Each servant was required to show a distinct gain. V.27 Luke 19:23

6. The same reward and commendation were given to the servants having many talents and few talents. v. 20-23

7. The servant who refused to use the one talent given him suffered three penalties. V. 24-30

a. The talent given him was taken away

b. This person was rejected from being a steward

c. He was killed or cast into outer darkness


Conclusion: God requires His managers to be faithful, reliable and trustworthy. Christian stewardship is living with a deep sense of responsibility.


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