We are Managers Not Owners

Prepared by: Ptr. Doods Agravante

Text: I Peter 4:10 Faithfully Administering 

Life is stewardship from God. The Greek word translated stewardship being Oikonomia meaning oikos – house and nomos – law, which means management or administration of a household and keeping of the law of the house. He must be a man of responsibility and authority. 

I. Joseph as a steward – Gen 39:1-6

  • His master entrusted to him everything (V4)
  • The Lord bless the master because of his good and faithful steward

II. God owns everything He created

  • God made heaven and the earth and everything (Gen 1 and 2; Zec. 12:1)
  • He sustains life and our lives and more (Acts 17:28)

III. The earth is God’s gift (Gen 1:27-28)

  • God gave the earth as His weeding gift to Adam and Eve
  • God gave man the authority to develop, preserve, use and enjoy his creation 


What you have is a gift from God that you need to enjoy and express your gratitude to Him. If you lose anything. It is nor your loss, it is God. And life could always replenish the loss. Remember “We are managers not owners” 


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