Giving God Our Best

Prepared by: Ptr. Doods Agravante

Text: Genesis 22:1-19

 Here is something most of us have never really tried-giving God our best. But that is precisely, what God called upon Abraham to give- and He calls upon each of us to give.

Let us note the four great experiences that came to Abraham in this supreme test that God caused him to passed thru. 

I. Abraham testing call from God: Unmistakably God called for Abraham best- just as he call for our best (Gen 22:1-2)

  • God calls for the best of our love (Matt. 22:35-40; Mk 12:28-34)
  • God calls for the best of our gift (Lev.27:30-33; Matt. 6:19-33)
  • God calls for the best of our labor (Matt. 19:27-30) 

II. Abraham ready response: In spite of the great cost, Abraham unhesitatingly and ungrudgingly gave God his best (Gen. 22:3-8)

  • It cost Abraham his home life- his child
  • It cost him all the personal incentives in his life
  • It also cost him god special promise whom he had esteemed so highly 

III. Abraham new discovery: what one places on God’s altar is not lost- never can be lost (Gen. 22:9-12)

  • Not a hair on child head was harmed
  • Abraham received back the child he gave to God- also children as many as the stars in the heaven 

IV. Abraham new beginning: from the hour he placed his best on God altar, Abraham began to receive God best (Gen. 22:14-19) 

This is always so. Most of us live and die and never receive god’s best thing in our lives only because we have never given God our best.



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