Defining The Church Vision

Defining The Church Vision

Prepared by: Ptr. Dood Agravante 

Golden Text: Proverbs 29:18 

Three steps to define a vision

Discover your purpose

    • Purpose is the first and biggest issue in the formation of church vision
    • Four characteristics of a good purpose statement
      • Biblical- the Bible is the opur source for direction
      • Practical – Simple and understandable in everyday terms
      • Transferable – It can be passed easily and naturally from one person to the next
      • Short – To remember easily
  • Five purposes of the Church (Matt:22:36-40; Matt. 28:19-20
    • Worship – Love God with all your heart
    • Ministry and Service – Love your neighbors as yourself
    • Evangelism – Go… and make disciples
    • Fellowship – Baptize them in the name of the Father
    • Discipleship – Teaching them to obey

2. Define your target (area)

Defining your target is a scriptural idea

  • Roman 11:13 – Paul’s target was tyhe Gentiles
  • Galatians 2:7 – Peter’s target was the Jews
  • James 1:1 – James target was the persecuted Jews

Four spiritual target group in the community

  • The lost who are unchurched
  • The Christians who are unchurched
  • New Christians
  • Mature Christians

3. Decide your strategy (Materials and Methods)

Churches often  make two mistakes

  1. They define strategies befor defining purpose and target
  2. They are event-driven rather than purpose driven


Each Church must take time to discover its purpose, define its target and determine its strategy.  specific vision leads to dynamic results.  Evaluate every program and ministry if they are accomplishing their purpose, mission and vision.



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