The Death of Jesus Christ

The Death of Jesus Christ 

Prepared by: Ptr. Doods Agravante

The death of Jesus is the core and foundation of God’s plan of redemption. Jesus who had never sinned, died in the place of sinful humanity and the debt for our sins has been paid in full and the plan of salvation established.

Facts about the death of Jesus

1. His death was foretold by God (Isaiah 53:8; Daniel 9:26; Zec. 13:7)

2. His death was appointed by God (Isaiah 53:6; 10; Acts 2:23)

3. The meaning of his death

a. Atonement (1 John 2:2)

b. Substitution (John 10:12)

c. Redemption (1Peter 1:18, 19)

d. Reconciliation (Roman 5:10)

e. Ransom (Matt. 3)

f. Justification ( Romans 3:24-26)

g. Forgiveness (Hebrew 9:22)

4. he died by crucifixion (Matt. 27:35)

5. His death was voluntary (John 10:16,18)

6. His death means salvation (Rom. 5:9,10; Hebrew 9:28)

In summary, Jesus took our sins and died to satisfy the justice of God. Sin demanded a payment- the death penalty that only Christ could pay it in full at the cross for the salvation of mankind.


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