Partnership for Church Growth

Partnership for Church Growth (1 Cor. 3:5-9)

by Ptr. Doods Agravante

The church will grow by the power of God through skilled effort of each members. church growth is the natural result of Church health.

Key elements for growth

1. Know your plans and objectives (Verse 5)

The Lord has assigned to everyone a definite task.

a. Task for worship and music ministry

b. Task for evangelism ministry

c. Task for membership and fellowship ministry

d. Task for Christian Education ministry

2. Jump start now (Verse 6a)

a. We must start planting the seed now

b. We must do our ministry today

c. Do what you can do today

3. Deepen and sustain (Verse 6b)

a. Know the steps to deepen and sustain the plans and programs in the ministries

b. Work together as a team

4. Expect that God will provide the result

a. God will provide growth

b. God will definitely reward His Church and those who are faithfully doing their ministry

In summary, partnership for church growth is knowing our plans, objectives, knowing our steps where to jump start, knowing ways to deepen and sustain, and acknowledging that it is only God that can provide Church Growth.



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